• Super Brightness

  • Soft And Easy To Bend

  • ARGB Support 5v RGB
    Sync With Motherboard

  • 360° VIEW

  • Synchronize Light Effects
    Across Motherboard

  • PC Transparent Interface


Support Motherboard the same lighting effect Supports 5V ARGB interface on themotherboard, also with 5V 3PIN male connector, it can be connected in series with other5V ARGB products to light together.

Internal LEDS

Glow your build with fulland smooth lighting effects

PC Transparent Material

Interface for better aesthetics

lmprove Flexibility

Made of high quality white silicone, soft and durable, bend as you want

Three Choices Of Interface

NC24P supports motherboard with 24-pirpower connector the lenth is 28.5CM,NC8P, NC2-8P support 8-pin and dual 8-pingraphics cards power connectors,the lenth is 34.5CM.

  • Match The Color Of Your Build

    PC clear material clips make tighter bond between cable and RGB module.

  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION(Complete with manuals)

    Install perfect curvature
    It provides a better solution for modification enthusiasts. These RGB cables can manage your case well. 

    *QUALITY WARRANTY: One-Year Warranty